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Webkinz Virtual Clothes Are Now Retired!

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Webkinz World news erupted today with the striking news that several items of Webkinz Virtual Clothing have been retired from Webkinz World forever!

These items of Webkinz Virtual Clothing include: Plumpy’s Glasses, Red Sports Pants, Brown Belt, Purple Ball Cap and Orange Swimsuit Top & Bottom.

These Webkinz Virtual Clothes mentioned above are virtual webkinz clothes which are not going to be sold in the Curio Shop any more! So if your Webkinz account has any of these Webkinz virtual clothes, count yourself lucky!

They will be worth allot soon!

Other news in Webkinz World today includes the announcement of the new Webkinz Cash Detective Contest which we covered yesterday, where you can win $10,000 KC!

Another news story is that Webkinz World has a new job for all your Webkinz! The Webkinz Baby-Sitter job is now available for employees!


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